Sex & Slugs & Accordion

by Jet Black Pearl

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released September 10, 2013


all rights reserved



Jet Black Pearl Portland, Oregon

The untamed and inimitable Jet Black Pearl from the port of Amsterdam spent many years in the south of France before settling in Portland in 2014. She has performed on more than a thousand stages all over the world. Intelligently zany, her songs sound like a mad hatter's European gypsy tea party with a hip hop attitude. ... more

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Track Name: Slug Song
I'm a slug
A really sexy slug
Watch my naked body glow
Drawing silver trails on your rug

Being a hermaphrodite
I'm excited day and night
When I see my female sex
The other one erects

But how can I let me know
That I really love me so
I wished that I knew how to speak
But my slug mouth is too weak

If I were a man
With my hand
I'd take my hand
And I'd understand

I'd take me in my arms
Make my feelers feel so warm
We'd glue and glide, slipper and slime
And come at the same time

But I'm a slug
I have no arms to hug
Cannot even touch my tail
I'm a helpless homeless snail
Track Name: Little Song
like a flock
Of tropical wild birds

A scarf of hand spun lyrics
Swirls around my head
Scribbling secret poems
That never will be read

The large cuffs are linked
With letters, stitched by hand
Every time I open them
I think of my homeland

Cause underneath this language
I wear a little song
That keeps me warm and feels so soft
It's my mother tongue
Track Name: Hot Boots
I've got pepper in my boots
My feet are sneezing
Every sneeze another mile
And even though it's freezing
My toes will burn
If I don't stop running
See the holes in the ground?
That's my fire feet in their hot boots
Fire Feet – Hot Boots

I've got pepper in my boots
And bubbles in my brain
My brain is too slow
Can't think without champaign
Soon it will burst
If I don't stop thinking
Better keep on running
With my fire feet / Hot boots

Maybe I should stay
Such an easy thing to do
Only one more day
And I'd spend it with you

But I'm leaving
Everywhere I go I'm always leaving
Before I even got here I'm already leaving

I've got bubbles in my brain
And honey in my heart
My heart is so sticky
It will never fall apart
But when it melts
It starts dripping
Dripping on my feet
F..F..F fire feet / Hot boots

My sticky heart is dripping
In my peppery boots
My brain can't remember
Where I've left my roots
I'm searching here, I'm searching there
I gotta find them while running everywhere
F..F..F fire feet / Hot boots

Maybe I should stay
Such an easy thing to do
Only one more day
And I'd spend it with you
But no, I'm leaving
Everywhere I go I'm always leaving
Before I even got here I'm already leaving
Track Name: Cock!
I'm a kick ass cock in a blue funk mood
Cause my chicks are clucking about some other dude
A mother fucker himbo hanging at my digs
It ain't no cathouse here, I'll send him to the pigs

C-c-c crap! That utter klutz thinks he's phat
S-s-such a creep... I'm gonna smoke that nasty rat

Yo, candy-ass mofo flown away to the farm's rooftop
My chickens cluck and cackle, I'm gonna make him flop
My comb is fire red, my wattles strong and tight yo
Shiny wings, metal spurs, I'm ready for the fight yo

C-c-c crap! No place for two here in the crib
I got a gat... and this one ain't no damp squib

Ya crazy cock
Don't fuck my flock
These chicks is mine
So stop yo crock
You thick as a brick
I tweak yo beak
Till you black out
And I'll make ya squeak
I spit in yo face
Kick yo butt
Squeeze yo cojones
And pluck yo gut

I'm the real cock
I'm the only cc..ccc... cock!

But when I got on that rooftop, to do my duty
I looked into his eyes and saw it's true this cock is a beauty!
Instead of an attack, I gave him a French kiss
Since then, we are lovers and we're living in pure bliss

Yes, you are... the only sun warming my heart
Oh-oh my dear... let's give our lives a whole new start

Oh my cock
You're super crack
I dig yo comb
You're the real Jack
Tickle my sickles
I'll be yo kitten
Straddle my saddle
I'm totally smitten
I no more care
About the chicks down there
My cock, you rock!

You are my c..c...c.. cock
I am your c...c...c...cock

And so one day we read in the local paper
This strange event about a very unusual raper
According to a farmer, his rooster went insane
And started mating all day long with his new weathervane
Track Name: Feathers
My feet are itching
I can't sit still
I'm waiting for the doctor cause the people think I'm ill

But I know that
there's no need to control
My mother gave me feathers instead of toes, that's all

My doctor thinks it's normal
He really understands
He's got a pair of butterflies instead of hands

He takes off his gloves
While I'm bare feet
And we go Ooh and Aah when the butterflies and feathers meet

The feathers and the butterflies
Have been flying too high maybe
Cause one morning I woke up
Next to a new born baby

It's a boy with lovely hands
And perfect little toes
He's as handsome as the doctor
But has a frog instead of a nose

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